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(10/8/2018)- $5,000 for 150 laps was on the line for the third annual King of the Green race at Evergreen Raceway this past weekend.  Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team were determined to be a part of it.  "Dad(Russ) put a lot of time and thought into what we needed to do to make the car better.  We put new shocks on, different springs, and made a few other changes"; Paul stated.
   The car wasn't fast in practice which was to be expected.  The tires on the car were over a year old, but Paul made the best of it and with a little adjustment the car was getting better.  Twenty-seven cars signed in for the event, and when time trial qualifying was over, the #112 was twenty-sixth.  Frantz stated:" I stink at time trials.  Also, the new tires didn't come up to size as fast as we hoped.  We'll adjust the car, and have to pass a lot of cars to get in the race."
   Paul started the Associated Chiropractic/CarrCrete #112 eleventh in the twelve car consolation race.  Twenty laps was the distance.  At the drop of the green, Paul started picking up positions.  The race was going quickly, and by the halfway mark Paul had driven up to seventh, and was closing in on the top six.  A caution at lap thirteen brought the field together.  Paul was primed to take a qualifying position when the green flag waved again.  Going into turn one, contact with the sixth place car got Paul out of shape.  While trying to regain control of the car, Paul was hit several more times causing him to stop just inches from the wall.   Paul attempted to restart the race, but the damage was too severe. 
   A dejected Frantz said:"That was the best modified I've ever had.  The car wasn't perfect, but it's not far off.  I'm not quite sure what happened.  I know I felt some contact, and the car just came around.  It's disheartening.  I thought we really had a shot today."
   The season is over, and the team will regroup and start preparing for 2019.  Thank you to all the sponsors for their continued support.  For continued updates, visit
(August 10, 2018)- Paul Frantz made his season debut at Evergreen Raceway this weekend, but the result left room for improvement. 
   Paul was excited to be making his first start in the newly purchased Raceworks car.  "I'm really excited to drive this car.  I've wanted one for a long time.  Hopefully, everything goes well"; Paul stated.
   During the practice session, the car was bottoming out very hard exiting the corners.  Paul's dad(Russ) made a change for the heat race.  Paul started seventh in the heat and finished fifth which qualified him into the feature.  Although the car was better, it still was not where it needed to be.  The team decided it was best for Paul to scratch and start the 50 Lap race last.  Paul took the green flag nineteenth in the Associated Chiropractic/Haines Exxon #112.  Paul ran at the tail of the field until a caution came out around lap fifteen.  He headed to the pits for an adjustment and rejoined the race.  The race went caution free until lap 32.  At that point, Paul had been lapped by the race leader.  Not wanting to be involved in any accidents and abuse the car, Paul and his dad made the decision to park the car for the remainder of the race.  He was credited with a seventeenth place finish.
   Frantz stated:" I was hoping for a little better result tonight.   I didn't bring enough parts along to make the adjustments we needed, and racing on old tires didn't help either.  At least we made the race and the car is in one piece.  We'll look at what changes we need to make for the next race and come back better."
   Next up for Paul will be Sunday September 9 at Evergreen Raceway.  For more information, visit
(August 5, 2018)- It's said change is good.  Well, for Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team, that is the hope.  A new car and number will be the big change for 2018.  The addition is Paul's son A.J. has become a third generation racer. 
   "We bought a 2001 Raceworks car.  I've wanted one since I started racing modifieds, and thanks to a long time friend(who wishes to remain anonymous), that has happened.  We're also changing the number.   My buddy was a big fan of Gary Balough and so we will be running #112 for this year"; an excited Frantz said.
   The racing season in general is about half over, but Paul will finally be hitting the track this Friday at Evergreen Raceway.  The team will be looking for a good night in the "Tony Fisher Memorial Race". 
   Paul stated: " It's been a crazy year, and I haven't even been on the track yet.  We started on the car later than we wanted to, I was coaching A.J.'s baseball team, and he started racing quarter midgets.  I was spending a lot of time with him which left my dad(Russ) working on my car all by himself.  Things have calmed down a little with A.J. so I've been able to be in the garage helping Dad."
   The team is grateful to all the sponsors for their continued support.  New to the car this year is Antonini Radiator out of Pottstown, and Stringer's Collision Center of Schnecksville. 
   "I am very excited to be getting back on track, and I can't thank my dad enough for all the time and hard work he has put into getting this car ready, as well as doing some wrenching on A.J.'s car too.  A big thank you also goes out to Dene Smith for his help and to Ed Flemke for all his input.  The goal for this race is to make the show and finish in one piece.  If the car is great the first time out, that's just a bonus"; Paul said.
   Grandstand gates open at 6:30 with racing at 8:00.  Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders will also be on the schedule.  For more information, visit
(October 22, 2017)- Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team were very excited to head to Evergreen Raceway for the running of the King of the Green vent.  "I can't thank all the people enough that helped make this possible.  Associated Chiropractic, Haines Exxon, Danny Cressman, Bob Menschner, and Jim Remaley came through to buy tires and fuel for the race.  Without them, we wouldn't have been able to race": Paul said.
   Paul and his dad, Russ, made quite a few changes to the car after the last race.  Paul stated:"We changed springs, camber, sway bar, a trailing arm, pretty much everything but the driver.  I was very frustrated with the way we ran the last race.  Thank you to good friends John Markovic and the Barney Family for all the help and advice.  I think we will be better today."
   Twenty-eight cars signed in for the twenty starting spots.  Paul started seventh of the nine cars in his qualifying race.  At the drop of the green, he quickly moved up to sixth.  As the race went on, the handling went away on the car.  When the checkered flag waved, Paul would finish seventh.  "The car got extremely tight.  The left rear tire ballooned.  Normally, a left side tire grows 5/8 of an inch.  This one grew over an inch which explains why the car got so tight.  We'll put different tires on, make a change, and go out and qualify in the consolation"; Paul said.
   Paul would start sixth in the thirteen car consolation race.  Entering turn one, cars started spinning.  Paul was able to steer clear and miss the crash.  For the restart, he was now up to third.  When the race restarted, he fell back to fourth.  He stayed their until the caution waved again.  On the restart, Paul was shoved from behind entering turn one turning the car completely sideways.  Somehow, he was able to keep the car from spinning, but in the process the third place car spun out trying to avoid hitting Paul.  Once again, Paul would line up third for the restart.  He ran there for a few more laps before being overtaken and fell back to fourth.  With just a few laps remaining, the cars trailing Paul started getting into the back of him and turning the car sideways.  When the checkered flag waved, Paul would finish sixth, one spot from making it into the feature event. 
   A very dejected and aggravated Frantz stated:"The car was a lot better.  Not perfect, but better.  It's just a shame some people would rather run through you, than pass you clean.  I couldn't get a good run through the corner when the back wheels kept getting picked up.  That one restart, the sixth place car hit me before the green was out and shoved me all the way into turns 1 and 2.  I'm amazed I saved the car."
   With the season over, the team is already starting to get things in order for 2018.  "We have some things in the works that we feel will improve our team.  We will keep everyone updated as the off season goes on.  I just want to thank all my sponsors and fans for sticking with me over the last couple seasons.  Since we had that wreck in 2015 we've been in a slump, but we are determined to get out of it and be contenders again"; Paul said. 
(September 11, 2017)- Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team headed to Evergreen Raceway this past Sunday looking for the chance to win the $2,000 feature.  Twenty-five modifieds were in the pits all hoping to take the top spot. 
   Paul started third in his heat race and ran fourth for the first part of the race.  Just past half way, he was passed dropping back to fifth.  A caution with two laps left, set up a dash for the finish.  When the checkered flew, Paul was sixth as he was passed by point leader Matt Hirschman on the last lap.  This forced Paul to run the consolation race. 
   "The car was too tight in the center of the corner so I couldn't get back to the gas like I needed"; a dejected Frantz said. 
   Rolling of third in the consolation, Paul knew he had to finish fifth or better to make the feature.  He quickly moved to second and was following the race leader until a caution waved on lap two.  On the restart, Paul fell back to third and continued to run there until the caution waved again with two laps remaining.  Paul did not get a good restart and fell back to fourth, but he was able to stay there and qualify for the feature event. 
   A relieved Frantz stated: "We made some changes after the heat, and the car got too loose, but we're in the show."
Paul made more changes to the car before the feature."   Robert Barney made some suggestions as to what to change.  He is a great guy with an extreme knowledge of racecars, so I am definitely taking his advice"; Paul said.  The Associated Chiropractic/CarrCrete #110 rolled off from the nineteenth starting position.  A caution waved on lap six, and Paul was up one spot.  At the restart, something happened near the front of the field sending cars scattering. 
   Paul made hard contact with Barry Callavini.   He was able to drive away from the incident and head to the pits.  Crew members from various teams came to look over the car.  Fortunately, all that was wrong was the front bumper was pushed all the way back to the nose piece.  With a lengthy caution, the team was able to replace the front bumper and send Paul back on track.  More cautions waved during the race, two of which were for Paul spinning.  When the race finally ended, Paul finished thirteenth, the last car running of the twenty starters. 
   An upset Frantz said:"The car was a little better, but I just can't get back to the gas like I need to.   I can't thank the Barney Family for all the help and advice today, as well as everyone who came to get me back out after that wreck.  I saw cars going every which way and I just stood on the brakes.  Thankfully, the only damage was a front bumper."
   The team is hoping to secure the funding needed to run the King of the Green event at Evergreen on October 22.     "We're going to try to get the money together to race the last show.  I don't want to miss that"; Paul said.
(September 4, 2017)- Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team are ready and excited to get back to racing at Evergreen Raceway this Sunday September 10th.  Paul last raced there in June.  The July race was postponed until the beginning of August due to rain, and subsequently, the rescheduled race was also rained out.  Paul missed the August 19 race due to a family vacation.
   "I'm ready to race again.  Getting rained out twice really stank, and we had plans since Thanksgiving to go away as a family so we couldn't make the last race": Paul stated. 
Paul has been on the race track twice since the June race at Evergreen.  He took the car to Mahoning Valley Speedway with very limited success.  The first night he finished 16th and the following week he failed to qualify.  Paul said, "I was watching the car count all season and saw it was low.   I got some used tires to try it out and get some time in the car.  We were really off the first night.  The tires were used up.  Todd Baer gave me a better set for the second week, and the car was better but not good enough to make the show.  That hurt financially and emotionally.  It was the first time in my career that I didn't qualify."
   With the season winding down, there are three races left on the team's schedule.  Two at Evergreen, and one at Mahoning Valley.  However, Paul said if this week doesn't go well it will most likely be the last race for this season.  "If we don't do well enough this week, I'm afraid our season is over.  I used the last of our sponsorship money for the tires for Sunday's race.  I would like to run the last race at Evergreen since we are not far out of the top ten in points, plus I would like to run at Mahoning Valley on September 16th in the Bill Teel Memorial Race.  We definitely need more sponsors to make it happen.  All I can do is run my best this week, look for more sponsors and see what happens;" Paul said. 
(June 25, 2017)- Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team were eager to return to racing after more than a month.  "I like that I don't have to find sponsorship to run every week, but it seems like forever between races.  Dad(Russ Frantz) made some changes to the car.  I think we will be better"; an anxious Frantz said.
   Driver's picked from a hat to determine starting positions for the heat races.  With his pick, Paul would start on the pole in his heat race.  He wasted no time taking the lead at the drop of the green only to have the yellow flag wave before a lap was completed due to debris on the track.  On the ensuing restart, Paul again wasted no time and darted into the lead.  He would lead all ten laps scoring his first career checkered flag in a Tour Type Modified.  An extremely excited Frantz said:" I know it's only a heat race, but I finally won something with a big mod.  It's great for me, and I think a lot of fans loved seeing the #110 out in front again.  The car wasn't perfect.  We'll make some changes and hopefully be even better for the feature."
   After a redraw, Paul would start the Associated Chiropractic/CarrCrete Concrete #110 from the sixth position.  Within a few laps, Paul was challenging for third position.  Slight contact was made between himself and Brian Sones forcing Paul to drop back a few spots.  Paul settled in around the eighth position for a while.  The car was getting looser as the race went on.  During a long green flag run, Paul fell back to the thirteenth position where he finally lost control of the car and spun in turn two.  Fortunately, no one made contact with Paul.  He decided to head pit side during the caution and have an adjustment made.  He restarted sixteenth with sixteen laps remaining.  When the checkered flag waved, Paul had raced his way back up to eleventh place.
   "Well, it's not the finish I was hoping for, especially after the heat race.  I think we made one too many changes and the car just got too loose.  I can't thank my sponsors for sticking with me.  We're making progress since our accident, and we are improving.  We showed today we can run up front.  We are going to contend for a win"; Frantz said after the race. 
(May 21, 2017)- The 2017 season started this past weekend at Evergreen Raceway.  Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team were poised to start the season off on a high note.  "We didn't have much to do to the car since we only had it out two times last year.  I'm excited to start the year.  It's been a long seven months": Paul said.
   Twenty cars entered the pits for the event meaning everybody would start the race.  Paul started sixth in his qualifying race, and at the conclusion of the ten lap event Paul finished sixth.  After exiting the car he stated:"The car was off.  The tires didn't do what I thought they would.  I'll talk it over with Dad(Russ) and we'll make it better."
   During intermission, Paul and the crew changed the left side springs and made another chassis adjustment as well. 
   For the 50 lap feature, Paul lined the CarrCrete/Associated Chiropractic/Racing with Jesus #110 in the seventeenth position. 
   At the drop of the green, Paul started moving forward.  By lap ten, Paul had raced his way into the top ten running ninth.  A handful of cautions over the next few laps saw Paul fall back to eleventh place.  The caution waved again just past the halfway point, and when the field restarted Paul felt something wrong with steering of the car which caused him to spin coming out of turn two.  He was able to nurse the car to the pit area where the crew went to work searching for the problem.  Quickly, they found a nut missing that holds the steering shaft to the frame.  The crew repaired the problem, unfortunately the race had gone back to green and Paul was now a lap down.  Always determined to finish the race, Paul was now eighteenth.  He continued on, passed some cars, and avoided wrecks.  When the checkered flag waved, Paul was credited with a fourteenth place finish.
   Paul stated:"The changes Dad made really helped the car.  It wasn't perfect, but I think we had a top ten car.  When we took the green on that restart, the steering wheel started coming towards my chest, and it was hard to steer.  I'm just thankful that the wheels locked left coming out of turn two and I didn't crash with other cars.  The jam nut came off the heim end for the steering shaft, I've never seen that happen."
   The next event for the Frantz Racing Team is scheduled for Sunday June 18th at Evergreen Raceway.  Paul is looking for additional sponsorship for tires, and the plan is for Paul's dad Russ to drive the car.  "I really want Dad to run the car.  I want him to feel what it's doing to make it better, plus I want to see him race one more time.  I am looking for some help getting tires for the next race.  We'll see what we can come up with;" Frantz stated.
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